Bridal Rings Los Angeles


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Bridal Rings Los Angeles

Bridwell Diamonds Los Angeles is committed to providing you top notch quality service and amazing GIA certified diamonds. We look forward to giving you a unique and one of a kind ring that stands out from the competition.

We have in-house bridal ring technicians that can design a custom wedding ring for you that both you and your spouse will enjoy. All of our rings are GIA and EGL certified. The GIA is the most recognized lab when it comes to diamond rating. The GIA were the ones who originated the diamond grading system which is based off of the clarity and color of the dimaond. All of our stones will leave you breathless as you take in the color and their contour.

Our in-house staff takes great pride in each and every Bridal Rings Los Angeles customer that we have and will make sure you have all of your needs met and addressed


607 S Hill St #334, Los Angeles 90014

(213) 683-0955