Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

Bridewell Diamonds Loose Diamonds Los Angeles Experts

If you are a jeweler or even a customer looking for great Loose Diamonds Los Angeles deals then Bridewell Diamonds is your store. We are a full service jewelry store that works with both couples and other jewelers at delivering discount loose diamonds. We have amazing access to loose diamonds and can deliver any size stone you are looking for. No matter the clarity or size we simple can’t be beat when it comes to pricing. We are true Loose Diamonds Los Angeles experts.

If you got married some time ago and still have a fake diamond in your ring come on down to Bridewell Diamonds we will get you a stone that will match your setting perfectly. Our in house design staff will perfectly mount your loose diamond for you and even clean your ring as well. Another great reason to shop with Bridewell Diamonds is all of our diamonds are EGL and GIA certified diamonds so when you purchase from us you get the proper paper work to back up your investment.

Unlike other so called Loose Diamonds Los Angeles experts our diamonds are all ethically sourced diamonds. Which means no blood diamonds in our store whatsoever. We guarantee that we will give you the best value for your money when it comes to loose diamonds. You simply will get a better clarity larger stone for the same price by selecting Bridewell Diamonds as your Loose Diamonds Los Angeles experts.

Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

Zero Tolerance For Conflict Diamonds – Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

As Loose Diamonds Los Angeles experts we have a zero tolerance policy for all blood and conflict diamonds. Any diamonds we have instore or purchase on your behalf are EGL and GIA certified and adhere to the Kimberly process. You will be able to wear your diamond proudly and with full knowledge that no one was harmed in the farming process. Our in house design team can masterfully design you a wonderful stone with precision cuts.

Our loose diamond Los Angeles experts will create for you a wonderfully designed stone that we will mount for you on your jewelry at no additional charge. Ask us about what types of clarity and colors will look great on your pre selected jewelry. Unlike our loose diamond Los Angeles competition our staff will sit down with you and guide you through the entire process so that you can make a full well informed decision about your diamonds.

Many folks come to use because of our ability to give them an amazing quality stone much larger than they had initially hoped because of the volume of business we do we get amazing quality stones all the time. We are committed to delivering you the highest quality stone for the best value. Just one more way we are Loose Diamonds Los Angeles experts. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us to day to speak with a Loose Diamonds Los Angeles expert.

Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

Affordability And Customization – Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

Bridewell Diamonds is your one stop shop for all things Loose Diamonds Los Angeles. Many people overlook the ability to purchase loose diamonds but it’s simply something the average joe can’t miss out on any more. Whether considering pendants, engagement rings or wedding bands it is usually far cheaper to purchase a loose diamond than a set stone. If you are looking for a way to save thousands of dollars on your next stone purchase then you need to come to Bridewell Diamonds.

Our inventory is always stocked on high quality EGL and GIA certified diamonds. Not only are we stocked with quality precious stones but we want to make a deal to. Once you have selected the proper diamond our inhouse staff would love to create a unique piece of jewelry to go with it. Our staff will guide you through the entire design process and even make a wax mold for you that will show what your piece of art will look like long before its finished. We also invite you to give us input throughout the entire process.

We are not happy unless you are. We will do whatever we can do make sure your experience with us is a good one. If for any reason during your time with us you have questions be sure to ask them. Someone from our staff will be more than happy to address any of your needs and answer your questions right then and there.

Loose Diamonds Los Angeles

Loose Diamonds Los Angeles – A Solid Investment

Not only are diamonds great when it comes to look and appeal. They are also a solid investment. Our customers remark that they when they take our loose diamonds or the jewelry we create with the loose diamonds to an appraiser, they usually appraise 2-3 times more than what we sold them for. Loose diamonds can be considered an investment that can also be enjoyed and worn. Diamonds either mounted onto jewelry or just loose can be quite a promising investment.

If you are looking to purchase diamonds as a investment you should speak with one of our Loose Diamonds Los Angeles experts. We see more stones than anyone and would love to help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing stones either rough or cut stones. If you are looking for an honest and reliable source to procure loose diamonds from. No one is quite as honest or reliable as Bridewell Diamonds Many folks come to us to purchase their inventory for their small jewelry stores all of the time.

If you purchase in bulk we can guarantee that you will get a great deal. Look to Bridewell Diamonds as your Loose Diamonds Los Angeles advisers. We can help you find the diamonds you need for a price you can afford. Contact us today so we can start helping you find the right color and clarity diamonds. We look forward to being your source for all things Loose Diamonds Los Angeles.

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