Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

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Jewelry Refurbishing – Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

Bridewell Diamonds is your one stop shop for all things wedding and engagement ring. We also consider our shop to be a Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles superstore. People from all across Southern California also trust us with their family heirlooms. Nothing quite says I love you like a piece of luxury vintage jewelry. We carry in stock many different kinds of Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles pieces and would love to educate you on the history of some of our pieces. We can also use rings that have been passed down in the family and give them a brand new revitalized look. We can even modernize your pieces in our Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles design studio.

Our staff will work your aged piece of jewelry and can give you several different options to make it look the best it can be. We can change the settings or the stones and add to it from our large selection of diamonds. Vintage wedding rings are usually quite stylish and unique, it also leaves you feeling warm inside knowing that another couple that loved each other also furnished these rings. We specialize in quality and authentic vintage wedding rings as well as antique wedding rings.

Vintage Wedding rings are usually less than 50 years old whereas antique wedding rings are sometimes older than a hundred years. Your vintage jewelry will need special care and Bridewell Diamonds is the right place. We work routinely with all types of vintage jewelry and look forward to being your chosen Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles superstore.

Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

Make Old Jewelry New Again – Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

Here at Bridewell Diamonds we routinely refurbish and repair old jewelry. You will be amazed and shocked at how we can take even the most well worn old jewelry and restore it back to its original form. We invite you to bring your jewelry in and have us take a look at it and give you a free estimate on what is required to restore your jewelry. What is so great about vintage jewelry is the amount of time that was invested into these handcrafted pieces. Much of today’s jewelry is done by machine which simply can’t reproduce the craftsmanship of old world Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles pieces.

We can also customize your vintage jewelry if for some reason the metal is too corroded or the stones are badly damaged. We can take cuts from the original stone and incorporate it into entirely new pieces. When supplemented from our large loose diamond inventory you will be absolutely blown away by your new / Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles piece. Our in house Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles designers have more experience than anyone else when it comes to these types of pieces.

We look forward to helping you find the piece that will last longer than a lifetime. Thank you for trusting Bridewell Diamonds as your chosen Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles provider. Contact us today for a free estimate on making your hold jewelry new again.

Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles Experts

If you are an avid vintage jewelry connoisseur you know that there is a lot of bad vintage jewelry on the market. Before you make a purchase of an antique piece you should make sure that the jewelry is not only authentic but worth the purchase. Look at Bridewell Diamonds as your Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles experts. If you have a perspective piece that you have questions about simply bring it to us for a Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles experts take on what the piece is worth and if it can be salvaged. Buying antique jewelry can often be rewarding and feels most like a treasure hunt. We warn you that there will be ups and downs when it comes to purchasing Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles.

Certifying authenticity is always a sure fire way to protect your investment. Old jewelry isn’t the easiest thing to come across but you will sure be happy with what we can do with it. We have been able to take old and damaged jewelry and turn it back into its original self. We are always looking for vintage wedding and engagement sets. Antique wedding rings get their value not only from their stones and cuts and intricate designs but from their age.

If you are a reliable source of Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles we want to hear from you. People flock to our store in search of pieces that time has forgotten. We are looking for all types of vintage jewelry not only diamonds but sapphires and rubies as well.

Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

Jewelry Restoration Experts – Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

If you recently purchased a large amount of jewelry from a Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles estate sale bring it to Bridewell Diamonds. We can take your old jewelry and turn it into a piece of living art. No matter what your plans are for the vintage jewelry either selling it or wearing it we will lay out many options for you. We have the best Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles staff in the business and deal with many different types of pieces daily.We have sold some of the highest quality vintage engagement rings and bridal sets in our store.

We work with all types of pieces ranging from small solitarie’s to large stones that have stood the test of time. We can also design for you custom vintage jewelry themed pieces our staff know the hallmarks of old world jewelry and can create for you a custom piece built with today’s materials with that simply screams vintage. Vintage inspired jewelry is a new market place unto itself and we are proud to be developing fashionable pieces that will also stand the test of time. Contact Bridewell Diamonds today for all of your Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles needs. Look to us as your ally and your one stop shop for all things Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles.



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